Family Dentistry in Redwood City, CA

Even if everyone in your home has healthy teeth and gums, you should still visit our family dentist every six months for examinations and cleanings. During these visits at Roy Dental, our dentist can clean your teeth, check for cavities, and perform an oral cancer screening.

Youcan also bring your children in for their first teeth cleaning as soon as their teeth erupt at around age one to two. Our dentist may recommend sealants on your children’s molars to help prevent cavities.

You can also benefit from seeing our family dentist if you have ongoing oral health concerns such as gum disease, tooth decay, or missing teeth. Dr. Roy can provide periodontal care, root canal therapy, and other procedures to restore your dental health.

Family Dentistry Services

Our family dentist provides routine dental care for children and adults while offering general and cosmetic dentistry services to prevent and treat common oral health issues. Our practice can provide various dental services to help your family maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives.

Dental checkups and cleanings are essential for preventing and managing cavities and gum disease. During these appointments, our dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to identify any signs of decay or disease. If a problem is detected, we will develop a treatment plan to restore the health and integrity of your smile.

In addition to general dental care, we offer cosmetic dental services such as tooth-colored fillings, professional teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers. These procedures are designed to give you the bright, white, straight smile you’ve always wanted while preventing minor dental problems from developing into more severe health concerns.

The Benefits of Family Dentistry

Oral health is closely linked to overall health. Regular checkups enable our dentist to detect oral health problems early when treatment is often more straightforward and affordable. For example, children can benefit from fluoride treatments that strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay.

As an adult, you may be interested in cosmetic procedures such as tooth bonding or veneers to improve the appearance of your smile. Our dentist can work with you to help you achieve your dental goals.

Apart from promoting your oral health, regular visits to our dentist can help you and your family avoid costly procedures in the future. By getting cavities filled when they are small, you are less likely to require root canal therapy or a dental crown later to replace the entire tooth.

Even if you practice excellent oral hygiene at home, you must see a dentist regularly for routine exams and cleanings. Seeing your dentist every six months can go a long way toward keeping your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Every member of your family deserves to enjoy a healthy smile. The benefits of family dentistry make it essential in maintaining optimal oral health. For the best dental care tailored to you and your family's needs, visit Roy Dental at 2950 Whipple Ave #9, Redwood City 94062, or call (650) 368-6333.


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